Influencer Marketing, Part 3: How to Find Influencer Marketers

June 20, 2016  |   | 

So, where do you find influencer marketers? Guess where the best place to look is – in fact, it’s the whole reason we have influencer marketing in the first place – social media!

My suggestion is to start with Twitter by searching the hashtags that your audience might care about. Hmmm, you say…but there is so much information out there? How do you choose who to follow?

What are you doing right now? You’re reading a blog. According to Matthews, “Bloggers are the strongest spoke in the wheel of influencers.” Bloggers are who you choose first.

Once you’ve found your influencers, and started following their blogs, you can learn all about where else you might find them. Maybe they’re on Facebook. Or Instagram. Or Google+. Or all three. Follow them wherever you can find them so you can learn how they tick.

Here’s the tricky part: To ensure success with influencer marketing, you need to pay your influencers.

Can you imagine making a living just by blogging? Just sayin’….

Here’s the thing…according to Social Times, 65 percent of brands participate in influencer marketing, and 52% have a stand-alone sponsored social budget for their brand. The crazy part? Five percent have an organizational annual budget in excess of $5 million. Five percent may sound small, but this dollar figure is very big, and this percentage is destined to grow. Dramatically.

My friends from The Shelf offered this infographic via Social Times to help you learn more about influencer marketing.


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